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    Post  Insane on Tue Jul 26, 2011 4:41 pm

    hello first of lets start with my name.

    -In the game name is (Insane)

    -In real life my name is (Sergiy)

    Something that iv bin doing on the server from the time i started.
    I help any new player or old player with their problems in the game. I try to solve any fighting with words.
    I dont have any people that hate me on the server I dont make any people mad im friendly and happy and like to joke, and it seems that every one on the server likes them and thats because i can relate to them. Iv bin coding rsps (317) for 3 years and i played alot of my friends servers. But i do not think that being mod or admin long time should matter right now i know alot of people say that they have bin mod or admin befor like 10 times. Im not one of thos people i think that, that should not matter in your staff applications.

    -Some friends i have on the server.
    -Love Obby
    I Will tell you what i will do if i become a mod.
    Iv seen alot of Arguments on the server witch are just a waste of typeing time so i really wana do something about it so they dont have to fight and become friends.
    I also try to stop any people that will come and advertise their own server.
    some random thnig s u should know about me
    - Im russian
    - I have best job in the world
    - Im 16
    - i like purple
    - i like friends lol Wink creepy heh?
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    Post  X New Era X on Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:22 pm

    Nice app, If accepted you will be notified.

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