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    Worldofwar Giveaway event!



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    Worldofwar Giveaway event!

    Post  Worldofwar on Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:40 am

    Hey everyone!
    last week i did a Goodliebag 1-28 giveaway and lots of peoples liked it.
    So i'm doing it every week i don't know the day or time so i'm just doing it every week Random day and Random time.
    I'm thinking about to do a precise day and time.
    But the problem is the Timezone..

    But guys just be lucky when you find me ;]

    Game Infos:

    I will have 28 items in my bag,you just have to pick a random number in my bag and you get the Item.
    Is 100% legit because i will vid it everytime and upload on Youtube.

    Yesterday giveaway:

    Rachel can you open a Topic:


    So i can post a decent Event day and time (:

    I'm not doing giveaway with pvp items anymore.
    So i will edit them with Barrow items.

    -Thanks Worldofwar

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