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    1-99 prayer guide/Dragon Bones



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    1-99 prayer guide/Dragon Bones

    Post  D4rk on Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:06 pm

    There are two methods to get to 99 prayer. Big bones and dragon bones. You can also make alot of money selling dragon bones to other players first the Big bone method.
    Start at ::shops and walk twords bob

    Then return home with the big bones and use them on the altar

    Now for the dragon bone method. You can not buy Dragon bones from a shop. For this you have two options. You could simply buy the dragon bones from another player. Or kill the dragons.

    The first place you could kill dragons is green dragons in the wildy. This is the gear and inventory I recomend.

    Then click on your pking teleports and then click Green Dragons

    And then just kill green dragons till a full inventory. Come home and use on altar.

    Now for method two this one isnt in the wildy and i might edit the later but just clich on monsters then taverly and now look at pics Smile

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