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    Ben's Moderator Application.



    Should I become a Mod?

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    Ben's Moderator Application.

    Post  Ben on Tue Jul 26, 2011 2:03 pm

    Hi, i'm Ben, and this is my moderator application. First I would like to start with how much people have helped me, and how much I have helped people. Helping is the one thing I mainly want to do with this server. I am very dedicated, with over 5 99s already. I have many experiences with the moderator power. My experiences include the following; Hoster(3), Main Owner(3), Administrator(2), Moderator(6).

    With these experiences, I hope that highers my chances of being a Moderator. I am very happy with the server players, staff, and the coding. I look forward to staying with this game, Staff or no Staff. This game is the game were my friends, are helpful, and very friendly, and were 1 Rs-Ps, gets to have, very well players. I'm proud to say, this is my Moderator Application.

    Like I said, Staff or no Staff, i'm sticking with this server till it stops running. This is ben, saying, Bye.
    TorvaPkzz Player.

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